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Building a Healthier Community, Together

Mobile Mammography

The Summit Federal Credit Union and Rochester Regional build a healthier community, together

Two local organizations – Rochester Regional Health and The Summit Federal Credit Union – are working together to ensure that the people who live and work in the region always have access to high-quality health care and valuable financial information.

Both organizations are comprised of people who live, work, and serve the community, and, by working together, they hope to make the community healthier physically and financially.

Wellness at every stage

The Summit believes in the importance of promoting financial wellness at every stage in life and is active in schools, local libraries, and online through blogs, seminars, and webinars helping member companies and individuals reach a new level of understanding on a variety of topics related to personal finance. Similarly, Rochester Regional Health provides resources and opportunities that are vital for helping people be proactive about their health – such as the Mobile Mammography Center.

The Mobile Mammography Center is a traveling mobile coach, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Throughout the year, the Mobile Mammography Center travels to various locations in the surrounding Finger Lakes regions. The goal of this program is to make breast cancer screenings accessible to women where they live and work. 

The Summit is a woman-led organization, and its employees know all too well that education, awareness, and early detection are crucial in the fight against breast cancer. This is why The Summit has chosen to be a multi-year sponsor of the Mobile Mammography Center. The leadership and employees want to help Rochester Regional Health ensure more access to this life-saving exam.

“We are grateful for Summit Federal Credit Union’s continued support for breast health and the Mobile Mammography Center,” said Kelly McCormick-Sullivan, president of the Rochester Regional Health Foundations. “Rochester Regional Health and the Summit understand how impactful great health care is to our community. I am proud to have this organization as our partner.”

A dedication to innovation

Rochester Regional Health is on the cutting edge of technology and these innovations reflect the medical needs of the community. Similarly, the products offered by The Summit are a direct reflection of the financial needs of the communities that the organization serves. The Summit is continuously developing new products that will help community members achieve their financial goals such as launching a new student loan and student loan refinancing program.

Through this five-year partnership, The Summit and RRH are truly symbiotic in their desire to create a better and healthier community.

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