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Rochester Regional Health Grateful Patient Program

Rochester Regional Health Grateful Patient Program

The Gift of Hope from One Patient to Another

Every day, families and patients are touched by the innovative, compassionate care they receive at Rochester Regional Health. Whether it’s the nurse who holds your hand and encourages you during the birth of your first child, the surgeon who performs a life-saving operation, or the patient care tech who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable, the care you receive matters to you and to us.

Our Grateful Patient Program is a way to say thank you for that exceptional care and help make a difference in the lives of others.

With your gift, you can honor a special doctor, nurse or staff member and provide much-needed support for the hospital or program that helped you in your time of need.

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A Lifeline for Patients

Your donation is a lifeline for patients and an encouragement to our medical teams who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.

Your donation will support new technology, staff training, wellness programs and other needed enhancements that are designed to improve and save the lives of those in our community. Your donation will not only make a difference to your caregiver, but to other patients like you – now and well into the future.

Share Your Story and Inspire Others!

Are you grateful for a physician, nurse, volunteer or Rochester Regional Health employee? Please share your story!

Show the caregivers who have touched your life how much you appreciate them by sharing your experience. Your caregivers will receive notification of your gratitude and support. The amount of your gift will remain confidential.

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