United Memorial Medical Center

Building for the Next 100 Years

When thinking about where you want to go, it’s important to consider how you arrived at where you are.

United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) is the evolution of more than 100 years of progress in Genesee County’s healthcare. The culmination of a merger between two of Genesee County’s well-established hospitals - Genesee Memorial Hospital (originally Batavia Hospital) and St. Jerome Hospital – UMMC is a dynamic, 131-bed hospital that strives to promote, enhance and restore health to more than 60,000 area residents.

Proudly recognized as a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence, New York State-designated Primary Stroke Center, NICHE Exemplar, which recognizes excellence in care of older adults, and the sole maternity service provider for Genesee and Orleans Counties, UMMC aspires to be the first and most trusted healthcare choice of Genesee County.

While our hospital’s story began in 1902, the next chapter belongs to us, and its contents will be determined by our community pride, passion, and partnership.

Give Now

We have emerged as one of the region's most vibrant community hospitals because we have never stopped trying to improve. While we have steadily created a better care environment, we now have an opportunity to leap forward.

Dan Ireland, President, UMMC

One Community Promise

Throughout decades of development, there has been one undeniable constant: a dedication to helping people be as healthy and live as long as possible. The essence of our heritage is the core of who we are—and who we will always be. But for us to maintain this commitment, we must continually change in other ways.

To keep our promise to deliver the best possible care to Genesee County and surrounding communities, UMMC has set a goal of $10 million for the purpose of expanding and enhancing key services. And we need your help.

The Next Chapter

This is our moment to take our care to a higher level.

Right now, the areas of our hospital in most need of our attention are the Department of Radiology and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). As our campaign moves forward we will initiate projects that further help us deliver truly exceptional care, including creating a dedicated palliative care unit and expanding our primary care footprint.

Your gift to UMMC provides increased comfort, privacy, and infection control and enables us to see more patients. Overall, it allows us to create an environment that helps assure our patients that they are receiving the best possible care.

Patient-First Care

Imagine a hospital where difficult-to-reach facilities and dated technology are left behind. Together, we can make that vision a reality.

Your support helps create:

  • A new 11,200 square foot diagnostic imaging center
  • A new MRI suite
  • Upgraded CT and ultrasound suites, digital imaging, fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine
  • A new imaging center waiting area and scheduling office
  • New imaging center dressing rooms
  • Private ICU rooms with bathrooms
  • Central nurses station, supported by work stations outside each room
  • 6 continual-use beds for patients with acute needs
  • 4 adaptable-use beds for patients with less acute needs
  • 1 bed dedicated to pediatric patients
  • A new ICU waiting room

Help us strive for perfection with a safer, more efficient environment that results in better patient outcomes.

Our Impact, Together

This is our chance to turn “dated” into “modern” and “modern” into “cutting-edge.”

Together, we can immediately enhance our spaces and programs for today’s patients, while building for the long-term, ensuring exceptional care for future generations.

Join Us


“Batavia has always been our home. And it’s home to our family and many dear friends. The best way we can look out for the health of those we love, as well as our own, is to protect the health of our community. United Memorial is a vital part of our community as an employer and care provider. We’re incredibly proud and fortunate to have it so close to home.

Supporting our hospital and Rochester Regional Health through this campaign ensures United Memorial’s growth and vitality. We hope you will join us in caring for the hospital that cares for all of us.”

Tom and Lynn Houseknecht 
Vice-Chairs, United Memorial Medical Center
Because Care Matters Campaign 

For more information on supporting United Memorial Medical Center, please contact:

 Lori Aratari

Lori Aratari
Development Officer


United Memorial Medical Center Campus

United Memorial is a designated New York State Stroke Center, providing a full range of care services to meet its patients' needs. The 133-bed facility includes a state-of-the-art surgical department, a wound care center, urgent care, maternity services, and a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence - along with a number of primary and specialty physician offices.

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